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Why go for the Digital Buddy?

How can we help you on your way to improving your life with MS? That is what we are committed to at Better Today. When you get diagnosed with MS, you will be needing more than good medical care alone. That is why we have developed the Digital Buddy. With the Digital Buddy, you can work on improving your quality of life and that of others.

“Using the Digital Buddy, I now notice the positive effects of a balanced diet.”


Diagnosed with MS

What is the Digital Buddy


The Digital Buddy gives shape to three of our convictions:

1. By taking the wheel, you stay empowered. MS not only impacts your physical health. It often causes insecurity, anxiety, isolation and work or relationship problems. Being diagnosed with a chronic illness can make you question all aspects of life. The Digital Buddy’s knowledge centre and community offer a space for you to find answers to such questions and vent about any insecurities you may have. These resources are not just available to you, but are also here to support friends and family.

2. Personalised insights can help improve quality of life. The Digital Buddy offers insights by collecting data through the Pedometer, and Sleep and Health Monitors. It also offers Movement and Nutrition Programmes. In addition, users are often offered the opportunity to participate in scientific research. Naturally, volunteers are among the first to be notified about the outcomes and insights of this research.

3. Lifestyle interventions help you to better cope with MS. MS is (as yet) an incurable disease, but maintaining a balanced diet, sufficient exercise, a healthy brain and relationships can massively improve quality of life. Get started with Tiny Habits to improve your lifestyle, based on personalised insights from the Digital Buddy and in consultation your physical therapist, MS consultant or physician. Your boundaries are yours to push, so you get to decide what works for you.

That is how the Digital Buddy can help you improve your quality of life with MS. We also use the Digital Buddy to collect data and insights into MS and quality of life in order to make a valuable contribution to scientific research.

Our Digital Buddy is being developed in collaboration with people living with MS, health care professionals and the Dutch MS Fund (Nationaal MS Fonds).

Download the Digital Buddy at

Collaboration and research

We have developed the Digital Buddy together with people living with MS – their experiences and needs take centre stage. This collaboration is realised through a large-scale network of patient groups, scientists and pharmacists. This intensive collaboration with various parties allows us to occupy the position of an independent trusted hub. Owing to this trust, we are able generate valuable data and bring about new insights for people with MS and their caregivers as well as healthcare providers. We also work together with universities such as Wageningen University & Research on research into MS and nutrition.
This extensive and engaged collaborative network has provided us with the opportunity to develop a unique solution in eHealth that is truly developed in consultation with patients, and by grace of their trust. It is therefore essential that users are able to decide for themselves which data they want to make available for analysis.


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