Digital Buddy Data Safety

(last update: march 12, 2024)

App Information

App Name: Digital Buddy
Contact Email:
Privacy Policy Link: Link to Privacy Policy


Data Collection and Usage

Digital Buddy collects and uses the following data for the specified purposes:

  • User Account Information: Collected for the purpose of account creation and access to the app. as part of the account information, we also collect specific MS data related to user. This data is ONLY accessible for the user, nobody else.
  • Activity Logs: Collected to enhance user experience and provide personalized recommendations.
  • Usage Analytics: Collected to improve app performance and identify areas for enhancement.
  • Contact Information: Collected for user support and communication purposes.
  • When the user participates in questionnaires or polls, we store the answers. This data is used for analysis, reporting, etc.


Data Deletion Process

When a user decides to delete the user account, ALL data and all references to the user data are permanently deleted. Which means that if the user wants to use the app again, a new account needs to be created, since the deleted account and the associated data has been permanently deleted.
Users can delete their account through the following process:

  • Navigate to Settings within the app
  • Go to Privacy settings.
  • Select “Delete Account” to remove all associated data from the app’s servers.
    When the user deletes the account ALL data that is related to the user is deleted. This also means the user itself can no longer retrieve the data.
    The only data that is not deleted, are answers to polls and questionnaires. However, if any reference to the user exists, this reference is also deleted, which means that the poll/questionnaire data does not contain any user data, nor can that data be used to find the user that entered the data: the reference to the user has been deleted, together with the general removal of all user data.


Data Security Measures

Digital Buddy employs the following security measures to safeguard user data:

  • Encryption: All data transmission and storage are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Access Controls: Limited access to user data is granted only to authorized personnel.
  • Regular Audits: Periodic security audits are conducted to identify and address vulnerabilities.


Consent for Data Usage

By using Digital Buddy, users consent to the collection and usage of their data as outlined in this form and the Privacy Policy. It is important to understand that the user is the owner of the data, not Better Today (the company that created and operates the Digital Buddy app). So, any time Better Today wants to access user data, the user must approve that acces, and without approval the data cannot and will not be used.


Contact Information for Data Concerns

For any questions or concerns regarding data privacy and security, users can contact us at


Revision and Updates

This data safety form is subject to revision and updates. Users will be notified of any changes through the app or via email.